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Zola Jesus has just released the video for “Seekir”, a track from her last year’s album ‘Conatus’. Check it out below.

10 “Brush The Heat” - Little Dragon (Yusuke Nagano, Olga Nikoulina)

9 “Last Known Surroundings” - Explosions In The Sky (Ptarmak, Sissy Emmons, David Hobizal)

8 “Vessel” - Zola Jesus (Jacqueline Castel)

7 “Aberdeen” - Cage The Elephant (Isaac Rentz)

6 “Aroused” - Tom Vek (Saam Farahmand, Tom Lindsay)

5 “Lotus Flower” - Radiohead (Garth Jennings, Leila Sarraf)

4 “Halocene” - Bon Iver (NABIL, Isaac Hagy)

3 “Death Of You And Me” - Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (Mike Bruce)

2 “Calgary” - Bon Iver (Andre Durand, Dan Huiting)

1 “Monarchy Of Roses” - Red Hot Chili Peppers (Marc Klasfeld)